Thoughts on sexual harassment – A Guest Post by Þorkell Ágúst Óttarsson

A Guest Post by Thorkell Ágúst Óttarsson

A fight for justice and human rights is like a pendulum. The force that was needed to move the pendulum will take it further than was needed. An injustice is being corrected but there is a danger that we will lose our way and the pendulum will swing too far.

I have a daughter who has experienced incredible behavior from men she did not know and who were old enough to be her father. Everything from a boss at her work driving her to a hotel in another town (I got her away from there in time) to strangers who rubbed his genitals up to her while on a buss. So I know as a father, a brother, a son, a friend, and as a human being how terrible sexual harassment can be and how hard it can be for some to deal with it. It was about time we did something about this. But there is a danger that we will throw out the baby with the bathwater. Here are the warning signs I see:

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