Molting bird

I am feeling better. Somewhat.

‘Think positively, visualize success’ my friend said and yes positive thinking works, visualization works, BUT –it is not that simple.

Magic today is polluted by capitalism. Wanna have everything you want? Just buy this amazing visualizing kit for only 100$ (offer only available for the next 24 hours) and get a free e-book in addition. Rejoice, rejoice! Become rich and happy, get everything you ever wanted solely by watching a mind movie and believing that you already have it. Because that is what happened to all the rich guys, they believed they were already rich.

Well, I think my askance is well grounded. If it worked that way, then the rich guys would not have bothered going to their lousy work while they were visualizing themselves rich. They would just have shown up at the great place where they ‘knew’ they were already working. Given that they wanted to work at all. They would have gone to the bank to transfer a million dollars to their wife’s account, since she was going shopping today, and called a lawyer when the cashier told them that they only had about 50 bucks.

So no, it doesn’t work that way and you can buy all the law of attraction media bullshit in the world, and still get the same results by using a rock that you pick up on a walk by the beach or an old rune or anything that has some deep meaning for you. I actually think that you don’t even need a symbol, it´s all in your head. Because it is there yes, but just visualizing does not make you rich and happy and facing the negatives of your life does not block your way to endless flow of love and success and no, someone who bought a lot of quantum something rubbish and won the lottery a few weeks later offers no corroboration. A lot of people win the lottery without that stuff.

The essence is true. Magic is an executive approach to life. It’s about taking control of your own life and getting what you want. And it is about mindset. But reality is there and magic does not puff it away. Magic is a way of healing reality and helping your luck, not living in a coca cola world without any effort from your side.
Believing that I already have what I want, would not move me one inch closer to the goal.

However, mindset matters. Positive thinking does not magically make you successful and it does not mean faking happiness when you don´t have it. Positive thinking is not about denial, it’s about choosing perspective. It does not mean that I’m airborne, just by imagining myself flying when I’m not, but I can choose if my wings are broken or if I think of myself as a molting bird. Sometimes I wonder if they know, the birds I mean, that molting does not mean that they have lost their ability to fly. Maybe they are devastated and think that something terrible has happened to them when molting is just a natural process, a part of growing new and better feathers.

Not distinguishing between thick, black smoke and the pungent odor of sandal incense is madness, not magic. But what I can decide, is if all that smoke that is chocking me these days comes from the smoldering ruins of my life or if it’s the fumes of Phoenix burning. Already having decided that I am a molting bird rather than one with broken wings, I’ll go for the Phoenix. My life is a mess right now, and denying it is not going to make it better, but like Phoenix, I’ll rise from the ashes and fly towards the sun. And that my friend is the mindset. The foundation of all magic. And it helps.