Ræðan hans Hauks

Fjölmenning sem gengur aðeins út á það að kynna dansa frá Balí eða tailenskan mat mun aldrei taka á hinum raunveulegu vandamálum sem fylgja kynþáttahyggju.

Haukur fékk ekki að halda ræðu, nefndin vildi bara ‘skemmtiatriði’. Hann sá við því með því að syngja ræðuna.

They say that we’re all of us equal
but equally different hence differently treated.
And everyone’s welcome but welcome means; come
when your well enough off to be cheated.
Today I must not be too rash,
give a tolerant yack, its da bomb,
it’s the smack of the middle class.
Never a frown.
Whack falls the daddio down.

Today in a way sees the sayings of love
thrown around and repeatedly eaten.
How great that we’re differently colored
and differently minded and differently beaten.
So give peace a chance,
give the nation a dash of da bomb,
take a hit of the smack of the middle class.
Never a frown.
Whack falls the daddio down.

We´re all in one place without facing
interior racism, prisons, and borders.
The unity’s fake, for fuck’s sake look ahead
we are led by the axis of order:
the piggies, the judges, the government jocks,
the sadistic, fascist bureaucracy fucks.
Rock the boat ’cause its fuckedy fucking fucked up
fucking say it without hesitation:

Fuck the flags, fuck the race, fuck the law, fuck the place,
fuck the name, fuck the picture, the papers, the face,
fuck the nation, the fences, the wires, the gates,
fuck the state,
fight deportation!

With a smile or a frown
We’ll stand when the daddio’s down.

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