How – by love
did you stay with me
all those years?
By smiles, by tears
by tearing at the wrongs
By now it’s clear
been gone so long
the art is done
but don’t lose heart

From the start
the soaring deviated fears
of separation
set apart my dear beloved
filled my mind

I loved you now and then
and always will
one from far away
and far removed
But far from gone forever
never stay the same
and never leave the world alone

Sticks and stones
we’re moving
in our different ways
in different worlds
and in our different ways
we split the night
between us
share the stars
and set the days ablaze

Said be strong,
be happy
woman don’t you cry
I feel you now
and ’til the day I die
I hope in time you’ll see
you’re loved
by fortune,
freedom, peace
and me

far across the sea
by soothing breeze
of distant memories
by force of ease
I hear your voice within
and bring you near

Ties by touch by goodbyes
tucking at me
side by side my fingers
ran across your brow
the feeling lingers
in my skin
we kissed by night
I miss you now

In our separate worlds
and if in separate ways
we’ll glide along
and through the mess we face
in tight embraces
light the dusk with joy

I’ll love you all my days.

Mynd: Þorkell Ágúst Óttarsson

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