(Úr ljóðabálknum Death to Kardashian)

Defuse the situation
give a crooning-like Sinatras
offer they can not resist,
the sound of music
in the business.

In the business
man is nothing short of oatmeal
ever, ever on the table
it’s the whole deal
Table turning
turning cards
Betting on humanity,
your sanity
– Blow away ragged leaves of maple

What’s the gain
for the Entertainer?
What’s the price?
The sound of silence?

Let me try you
lousy fuck – me
– will is strong
the flesh is able
instant bullshit
in the silly
master paraglider

Build an image
get it aided
get the money
and a writer
and I’ll make your music great
and spread you ever wider

Make you feel a million bucks
softly swaddled
in their dandy, cotton candy,
floating like a rubber duck
in the endless sea of twaddle
Rid you of the mother fucks
and wax your saddle

All I want instead is all
Seventh sky and 9/11
Crack my stained glass Wonderwall
Buy my stairway up to heaven
Pump me full of wealth and power
every minute, every hour
Send me thumping
through the seventh seal
how the old man humps
Art of the Deal

Ring Ring
got the job
get down and dirty
King Pin
both hands hanging on my dingaling

Shelters raised,
my slinging days are over.
Bookings listed
stories twisted
looked to see that no one’s pissed
– the show must on

Mynd: Þorkell Ágúst Óttarsson

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