A selfless, inspiring, brave, and above all endlessly kind soul. I haven’t seen Haukur for some years but I will never forget him.

I remember Haukur going out of his way to help me get home from hospital—if he could help someone he always would, whether or not it was easy for him. Joyful rare sunny days on the street in bare feet outside Snarrot/Hljómalind, chatting excitedly. Epic plans, telling stories, appreciation of the good in the world, a passion for justice and making things better. The first time I met him in the Eastern Highlands, sharing his love of that landscape—and the strongest handshake of anyone I have ever met before or since!

Haukur, I’m so deeply sad to hear you’ve gone too early. The bravest and best among us often do. You burned bright and I’m lucky to have known you. My thoughts are with those closest to you at this most difficult of times, and with your friends in Afrin.

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