The cats have been fitted with radio collars
each tag is transmitting
hats of to the saviour
behavioural science
empirical batter.
The matter of fact
its the fact of the matter,
the cats have grown up
and they’re roaming the forest
their making a supper of all that’s before them
the dollar’s been made
but the scholars are sitting.
The cats have been fitted with radio collars.

But why not a chip?
There’s nothing that’s smaller a bother
to us and to them
each and the other
befits it.
A collar – this age of surveillance?
– this is India, brother

It’s India brother
the monsoon is coming
will victory, boredom or ruin befall us?
If you were a-roaming
and calling the shots
would you go for the rifle
or radio collar?

Why, radio collars are splendid, I gather!
Their comfort I reckon is legally binding
Reminds me! Lets hurry!
The battery’s dying!
The cats are alive
but we can’t seem to find ‘em
– although they’ve been fitted
with radio collars.

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