(Úr ljóðabálknum Death to Kardashian)

Weigh the cost of undertaking
Weigh the cost of screaming
Weigh the cost of ever making
love and war
-the cost of dreaming

Weigh the cost,
the soul, the truth,
and bleaker visions fading,

Dead beat

Easy thesis swinging by the leaf
Easy thesis bending by her leave
What can it mean
for all of you,
the well-meaning mean?
the sleepy Jean?

All hail Elizabeth!
The minger
rings so true
to every finger
no one winging cares.

What can it mean?

No one winging cares
The monkeys singing;
– see no face
– hear no voice
– speak no tongue

And second glances linger on
Homecoming queen

Mynd: Þorkell Ágúst Óttarsson

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