Marius wrote these lyrics to Haukur’s No Borders Song and sang it at the memorial reception in Þjóðleikhússkjallarinn on 9 June 2019.

Photo: Ásgeir Ásgeirsson

We say he was noble and brave
fighting ISIS for change
and somehow that is true in a way
We love him, we miss him
his loss unforgiven
Our memories gather to
grow unremitting,

We smile, and we frown,
but come on, let’s not let him down.

His name, he bestowed
on a toilet we know
A spark in the dark
off the smell was so bold.
Yes he makes a good hero
he may have liked that idea – No
it wasn’t for that
don’t fall into that trap

It may hurt us to know
he embraced the way he would go.

Such a scoundrel, a liar,
a drunken town crier,
pied piper that played
for the cats he admired.
A mischievous grin, that delighted in sin

A wicked, satanic fascination within.
He loved to live life on the edge of a knife
to fight for what’s right, for the joy of the strife.

So although he is gone
that sinister smile lingers on.

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