For revolutionary Haukur Hilmarsson whose own history is a part of the history of humanity

We are sorry that we are not at this memorial, so that we can get to know our comrade’s family and friends and learn other aspects of his self from his loved ones. It is our duty to complement our comrade’s image through our common experience in the RUIS community and the front line, but above all to keep Haukur on the surface through his choices.

First of all we want to make it clear that our love for Haukur is clearly different from that of his family, his girlfriend and his friends. Our love for him is filtered through our short, but so well-established common course in the struggle against fascism and imperialism, through our common desire for the world of revolution, of the freedom based on equality. In the light of this love, it would be impudence to talk just about the moments that our memory holds, from a human who spoke through his actions.

The Haukur we met had the same passion, the same perfection, the same stubbornness, the same compassion and the same courage that all people close to him recognize. Only the conditions were different. We can only mention him through the legacy he chose to leave us inheritance. Even though it is through his statement in a few minutes of video. Our comrade, although tired of the insomnia and the fighting in the city of Raqqa, developed with complete clarity the ideas that led him to join the Revolution of Rojava and the system of democratic confederalism, his perception of comradeship against sectarianism, his critique to liberalism, his passion to urge other revolutionaries to fight against fascism, his attempt to calm his own persons and to protect his comrades.

When he became a commander of the International Freedom Battalion with his human personality he urged everyone to make their most creative self for the sake of the community and he took on a daily basis the organization of physical fitness exercises and revolutionary ideology courses with his comrades. Haukur was a warm person seeking the ultimate warmth through the community. When he recognized an aggressive attitude, overt individualism, or any reproduction of the world of power, he was fighting until the issue was resolved.

On the way to Afrin, when the bus was checked by Assad and Russia check points, the guard saw him, leaned over him, looked at him almost embarrassed and pulled him off the bus. At that moment our comrade in a last attempt asked him „chima?“, which means why in Kurdish. Again, he did not put it down. As everyone now knows, he was disguised as native, darkening his hair and skin to pass to the Afrin canton on his second attempt. For this hero, whose stubbornness did not cease, neither with he Iraqi security services nor Assad’s checkpoints, for this hero whose spirit was not interrupted by the insomnia of war, for this hero who along with four other comrades fought and won against a group of 30 Islamist fascist gangs need not say anything more than the words that he left us as heritage.

The victory over fascism is in the interest of us, in the interest of every person, at the end is in the interest
of all humanity. It is totally unfair to have such a position and to not consider the possibility of contributing to
this struggle. It is also a great loss for any kind of radical politics, not to achieve a first-hand experience, not to
draw a lesson, not to transfer back to the grounds of capitalistic domain, the revolutionary wealth.

Shahin is the name of a blond hawk who lives on the highest mountains.
Always hunts on the steepest slopes and does not steal the food of other predators.
Reber Apo has said that all the guerrillas have the Spark of his eyes.

Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity
from Rojava to memorial
in Island at 8-9 June, 2019

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