Hello all of you in Reykjavik,

It’s been an emotional weekend for me here in Northern England, knowing that you are gathering in honour of Haukur.

I’m remembering the wooden house we lived in for a while in 2011, over near the airport. We had wonderful visitors, from all over the world! Good music too. And two frogs in a goldfish bowl turned up, that he was looking after for a friend. „Maybe the only frogs in Iceland“, we reckoned. Precious days.

I know Haukur gave his life doing what he believed in with all of his body and soul. And for that he is a kind of god. Right? Yes. That may indeed be the truth. But he was not only a warrior.

He was a visionary, a poet, a trickster. A maker of music and mischief. A learner, a teacher, a leader. He loved life, he loved people, and he knew that we could do better. And for these qualities I remember him. Somedays with a heavy heart, but always.

Shine on Spark!

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